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As many of you realize, I love the science of systems biology and really enjoy researching and explaining how things work in our amazing bodies.

​But as much as I enjoy sharing my wonder, I would never want people to think that health is something you need an MD or PhD to understand and optimize.

Today’s post contains some really simple, actionable things that you can do every day – starting today

Eat negligibly handled nourishment

Nourishment is medication – Food is poison.

The least difficult, and best spot to begin is by eating insignificantly handled nourishments – or as Michael Pollan would state – Eat Real Food.

The proof for this is overpowering – handled nourishments (sugar, refined carbs, modern vegetable oils, bundled merchandise with fixings you can’t articulate) are bad for you.

Sleep Perfectly

7-8 hours of Sleep – it doesn’t get any less complex. The vast majority needn’t bother with more and not very many of us can truly make due with less.

Numerous investigations have demonstrated clear connections between deficient rest and unexpected weakness: expanded irritation, hypertension stoutness, diabetes and coronary illness.

Move More

Exercise is significant, yet it can take some work to build up an activity schedule that works for you. A straightforward initial step – is to settle on a choice to move more. Get up regularly, walk more, take the stairs, park away from where you have to go – get off one tram station sooner than you have to. Consider moving – settle on the choice to be increasingly dynamic. Walk the canine – take a telephone meeting while out strolling – convey your food supplies – do yard work – consider house function as exercise – anything that makes you utilize your body is great.

Get Outside

The Japanese have a term Shinrin Yoku – which truly signifies “forest bath”.

The thought is to go for a relaxed stroll in nature, to take in the smell, the sounds, the sentiment of being outside.

Spend more time with your family and friends

Prioritizing relationships is good for your health and it feels good. So spend your time with whom you love.


We provide comprehensive medical assessments of your health, using the latest, proven science, to help and support you:

  1. Feel Better
  2. Be Healthy
  3. Loss Weight
  4. Get Fit
  5. Improve Performance
  6. Prevent, manage and reverse chronic diseases
  7. Eliminate Common lifestyle

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